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Last week, Austin Shakespeare visited WBN HQ for an intimate rehearsal of The World’s Fastest Hamlet. Stage manager Justin Gordon and I swept aside all the furniture (very theatrically, I might add) to make a tidy little stage upon which Hamlet, Ophelia, et. al., did their best to be or not to be in ten minutes or less. Read More »


Today’s (and tomorrow’s — and hell, maybe even Friday’s) blog post comes from intern Brett Fowler, who will be holding down the WBN fort for the next couple of days. This is the first half of a two-part post.


I cannot tell a lie.

Actually, that in itself is a lie. I’m pretty capable of spinning a mean web of untruths whenever the occasion calls for it. So let me be frank with you when I share a little secret I’ve been harboring for quite some time now: I don’t enjoy reading. Not much, not a little bit, hell maybe not even at all.

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