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It’s Wideo Wednesday (What? What is that?) here at WBN, so below is our latest shoot for Austin’s PsycheTruth channel. In it (it = the video), Justine lays down some strategies for achieving success and accomplishing your goals, always keeping your eyes on the prize.

FYI, those backgrounds are real. Austin boasts an amazing sky, not to mention, um, the big blue ocean shimmering behind those Greek columns, and the surfside cityscape. And those ubiquitous, shady New England woods.

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Two submission cover letters I’ve come across in the past two weeks serve as good advice on how not to get your manuscript the attention it may deserve.

Enclosed please find the attachment- a short story entitled: “[name withheld]” comprising approximately 9600 words, for your kind consideration for publication in your magazine. If the article is found to cross the stipulated limit of 7000 words, it may please be edited judiciously.

Where to begin? Read More »

Last week, Austin Shakespeare visited WBN HQ for an intimate rehearsal of The World’s Fastest Hamlet. Stage manager Justin Gordon and I swept aside all the furniture (very theatrically, I might add) to make a tidy little stage upon which Hamlet, Ophelia, et. al., did their best to be or not to be in ten minutes or less. Read More »

Today we offer another guest post from Dan L. Hays, author of Freedom’s Just Another Word:


Pitch Meetings With Literary Agents

What is the purpose of a pitch meeting with an agent?  This is just my opinion, but it is primarily a business meeting to try to close a deal for representing a manuscript.

I’ve had five meetings with literary agents at writer’s conferences and they were remarkably similar to meetings I’ve had in the business world over a 30 year career.  Before I went into those meetings, I tried to break down what each of us was there for.  In particular, why would a literary agent attend a writer’s conference and sit through a grueling day of ten minute pitch sessions with nervous authors describing their books?  Answering that question was the essence of understanding how to make that meeting a success. Read More »

This week’s Writings From a Past Life comes from Wendy Polavi, a 17-year-old college junior (!) who has this to say about the piece: 

“It’s a chapter from a book of fiction about sewer rats. It isn’t really a common subject, is it? I unearthed this excerpt from the still-unfinished piece today and thought I might share it. I find it charming.”

We do, too. Read More »