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Today we gladly hand over the reins to Marcia Davis, one of the original WBN workshopping crew. Marcia is well on her way to success with her memoir, and wanted to share a few words about how she got started on that path.


I always had a book in my heart waiting to be placed on paper. I had no clue how to start, or even if I should start. But then I took the WriteByNight creative writing workshop, headed by Justine Tal Goldberg and David Duhr. The rest is history!

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Philip Roth writes standing up at a lectern facing a wall. Truman Capote favored motel rooms, and preferred to work lying down. Raymond Carver could often be found scribbling away in his car. When asked in an interview, “Where’s the best place to write?” Dorothy Parker responded, “In your head.”

WriteByNight wants to know where you write. Better yet, we want to see. Send us a photo of you in your workspace to be featured on our website. Creativity is highly encouraged, as are attitude and attention to detail. Plan your photo carefully: if you wear glasses when you write, wear ‘em. If you use a lucky pen, make sure it’s prominent. If your desk is usually a disaster area, don’t tidy on our account. We want to see you, WriteByNighters, in your natural habitat.

Email photos to

At least 72 dpi, and 1 MB max. And if y’all know what that means, you’re ahead of me.

Ladies and gents, it’s official–our Indian River County (Vero Beach, FL) winter creative writing workshop has reached critical mass. But. But! There are still a couple of open seats, so if you want in, speak by Monday the 17th or forever hold your peace.

(Or at least, hold your peace until 2012, as the winter workshop will be our only Florida offering of 2011.)

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[NOTE: Submissions are open to non-members and members alike. Anyone who wants to write for our blog is welcome to submit, regardless of membership, age, race, religion, or creed.

Well, maybe not creed. What the hell is creed?

Previously unpublished work only, please]

The last thing we at WBN want is to be thought of as blog hogs. We’re going to be running various online series in 2011, and we want to give (at least a part of) the floor to all of you faithful WriteByNighters. We’re taking blog submissions, and we’re taking them hard. (Whatever that means.)

By publishing your work with WBN, you’ll make it available to hundreds of devoted followers. And most importantly, you’ll take the pressure off of us to do the writing ourselves. We hate writing!

Besides, it’s high time we share your talents with the rest of the world.

At present, we’ll be accepting submissions for the following series: Read More »

Who says you can’t change the system? Many WriteByNighters have called out for weekend open hours, and we’re only happy to oblige. Starting this week, we’re offering a new and improved Write Here schedule, as follows:

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