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Our good friends over at Chamber Four have released the inaugural issue of their literary magazine, C4, containing short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and visual artwork. The magazine can be downloaded for free here (PDF, ePub, or Mobi), or you can buy a hard copy through the Harvard Bookstore’s website.

WBN will be buying at least one hard copy, so check it out next time you’re here.

This is the magazine’s description from Nico, Sean, and Erik:

The first issue of Chamber Four’s new literary magazine, C4, features all-new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by award winners, first-timers and everything in between. Comedy, drama, suspense, thrills, chills and all-around great writing—this issue has it all.

Seven short stories, three pieces of nonfiction, a bunch of cool artwork, and eleven poems (including this one from our friend Shannon Walsh).

And since Tuesday is (theoretically) Recommended Reads day here on the WBN blog, let this be our recommended read. Check it out. The boys have worked tirelessly on this thing, and it’s finally here, so let’s show some support. And in return, we get to read some quality literature.


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  1. […] we’d be remiss not to mention again the first issue of the C4 magazine, which we wrote about last week and received in the mail yesterday. It’s a wonderful little journal, and the price is just […]

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