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— The results are in from the VQR audit: No bullying. Smells like some bully**** to me.

— Junot Diaz mentions a few “Run, Don’t Walk” books. (But don’t run for them until you’re done reading these links.)

— Slate examines the punctuation in Woody Allen’s movie titles. I guess it’s better than examining some of his actual movies …

— Our friend Marcos Velasquez posts his monthly This Month in Magazines column over at C4. (Did I really need to mention that it’s a monthly column?)

— Here’s a podcast of Nicole Krauss discussing her new novel Great House.

— The following is a special message from our friend Steve Almond. It’s titled “A Special Message From Steve Almond.” For those of you who haven’t read it yet, expect it to contain a special message from Steve Almond.

— Chamber Four announces that it is now accepting submissions for the first issue of its very own literary magazine. Mentioning WriteByNight might not help, but it won’t hurt.

— Shameless Plug(s) of the Week: Boy, where to begin? New fiction over at Fringe from up-and-comer Ethel Rohan, who was a pleasure to work with. Also at Fringe, I have an essay decrying some of the policies at the Texas Book Festival. My review of Bruce Machart’s debut novel The Wake of Forgiveness runs at Black Heart Magazine.

Is that it? Three whole shameless plugs? What a slow week.

Of course, you can check out earlier posts from this week to get a (non-angry) rundown of the Texas Book Festival.

Oh, and for our devoted Florida friends and followers, we received some info about the Key West Literary Seminar, taking place January 6th through the 16th in Key West (surprisingly enough). This is their website, and the theme this year appears to be food related. Sounds delicious.


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