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You asked for a posting so here is what I put together based upon the first weeks exercise.

Did I really want to see him again?
To look into his eyes, my lover, my friend.
Or was this meeting a path to nowhere?
A chance encounter with someone I wanted to care.
Could it lead him to feel what I felt?
Or was I just kidding myself?




  1. Nice, Lucy! I’m glad to see that the exercise was fruitful for you.

    As we discussed in your workshop last night, much of your poetry borders on prose. Of course, a prose poem is an option, but I’d be interested to see you try your hand at fiction.

    Could be exciting. What do you think?

  2. I agree with Justine. I would love to see you try some fiction as well.

  3. That’s perfect, Lucy. This is exactly what we hope these exercises will get you guys to do.

    Definitely try your hand at fiction, but Justine’s idea of you writing some prose poetry intrigues me — and might serve as a solid bridge between your current style of poetry and an attempt at prose. Maybe during Tuesday’s exercise you’ll consider taking a stab at some free verse?

    Thank you for posting. Who else is ready?

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