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This blog will serve as our connection between workshop meetings. We’ll post updates, reminders, flashes of inspiration, etc., and host friendly discussions on all things writerly. Share your thoughts. Voice your comments. Pose your questions. It’s your forum, use your imagination.

The “Your Work” section of this blog will be a literary journal of sorts. Here we will publish writing you’ve created in the workshop, from exercises to samples from your longer work. Brag to your family. Tell all your friends. Pass the link along to that co-worker who cannot write a simple email without multiple errors in grammar and structure.

If our recent weather has been any indication, it’s going to be a long, chilly winter. Let’s fill our Tuesday nights with warm company, heated (in a friendly way) discussion, and some white-hot writing.

Welcome to WriteByNight’s Winter Session.


One Comment

  1. You asked for a posting so here is what I put together based upon the first weeks exercise.

    Did I really want to see him again?
    To look into his eyes, my lover, my friend.
    Or was this meeting a path to nowhere?
    A chance encounter with someone I wanted to care.
    Could it lead him to feel what I felt?
    Or was I just kidding myself?


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