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The husband and his wife sat at the table across from each other at their friends’ house while their hosts prepared the refreshments for the evening card party.  It happens once a month.

“Why don’t you cut the deck so we can play a quick hand,” the husband suggested.

The wife thought they should wait for their friends, but lifted the cards at the halfway point anyway.  He made the next cut.

“You’re high card, you deal,” she said dropping her voice into her lap.

Instead of commenting, he simply reminded her that the two of clubs plays first.

“Just what I need, a club,” she said.

The friends called out to see if they were doing all right.

“Yea, fine,” he returned, and threw down an ace of spades.  “Damn, that was a mistake!”

“Too late, you get to pick up the dirty black queen, again.”

“So, maybe I’m trying to run them.  Watch, I’ll take all the hearts too.”

“I think you’re on your way to doing it.”

“Can you tell?  It’s still early in the game.”

“I always know when you’re out for the kill.”

Her ace of hearts came out of her hand so hard that it make a sound as it hit the table.

“There, now you’re a loser; how did that feel?”

“Baby, I don’t know what’s up with you tonight, but can it wait until we get home?”

“No, the game’s over.”



  1. You really nailed it, Arlene. The card game–denoting competition, push-and-pull, and fair play–is a wonderful device for commenting on the real issue without addressing it head-on.

    You use sentence tags sparsely too, which puts the emphasis on the dialogue . . . exactly where it should be.

  2. Arlene, I love this! Especially, the “loser” line. Great stuff.

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