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The rounded turret with gingerbread trim over the large curved windows commanded one’s eyes away from the wraparound porch where a wooden swing jiggled from brackets to which were attached rusty chains.  Worn treads, evidence of the many feet  on the wooden stairs, marked the passage of time.  Roof shingles of varying colors implied attempts at repairs to the conical top of the turret as well as the sharp angles of the steep sided roof that must cover a large attic area.



  1. neglect? decay?

  2. I’m with Tanya. Sandy, are we onto something here?

  3. It’s a stately house, with the turret, the wraparound porch. It may be decaying, but it’s decaying with grace. The worn stairs, the swing … people have had fun at this house, and they’ve loved this house. Someone will come along soon and fix it up, but for now it’s in a state of limbo — not quite condemned, but not quite on the rebound either.

  4. David has a great response. My thoughts were historic Victorian in decrepit condition but hopefully a candidate for restoration and rehabilitation.

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